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My name is Kathy Dopp.

I do not trust electronic ballot voting machines to accurately record and count votes.

I have devoted much of my time since June 2004 to ensure honest accurate U.S. elections. See ElectionArchive.org and UtahCountVotes.org We need your help.

I even ran for Summit County Clerk as a Green Party candidate because county clerks are in charge of elections in almost every state in America. I lost, probably because I did not spend enough time going door to door to speak with voters, and because many people in Summit county vote straight-party Democrat without researching particular candidates. As a non-profit, KCPW could not play my radio ad (1 minute windows media player) Here is the film of my Green Party Convention Press Release

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Here are - my OpEdNews articles on voting and elections

Your votes will be accurate if:

- Your detailed vote counts are publicly released
- Manual audits of machine vote counts are conducted that are sufficient, verifiable, and transparent to citizens
- election records are made publicly available to verify manual audits and vote counts

Check out these recommendations for ensuring election integrity

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As a mathematician with training in computer science, I am aware that un-audited computerized vote counting poses a serious threat to our democratic elections because it enables one person to wrongfully and undetectably alter a statewide election. Although paper ballot tampering does occur, it takes far more people to wrongly alter statewide elections. A computer scientist at the University of Utah, John Carter says: "The current generation of paperless electronic voting systems are not secure, do not let voters verify that their vote is tabulated correctly, and do not provide an effective recount mechanism!"

Voters should have no doubt that their votes will count. Election results must not be determined by electronic malfunction, programming errors, or by manipulating electronic voting machines. Hand counts of voter verified paper ballots provide the only means to independently verify that vote counts are accurately cast the way voters intended. All counties must conduct transparent, verifiable, independent hand-counts of randomly selected vote counts and publicly release the detailed vote count data and election records that would permit the public to detect any suspicious vote counts or errors.

When invisible electronic votes are counted secretly by private firms, without adequate independent checks, there is no rational basis for confidence in our election results. Such conditions violate all basic principles of science necessary to have a basis for confidence in our reported election results

"The integrity of our government can be no greater than the integrity of elections which put our government officials in office." according to a recent Mississippi Supreme Court opinion Waters v. Gemini, which ordered a new election.

Utah Lt. Governor forced all Utah counties to adopt Diebold touchscreen voting machines by withholding federal funds for other systems, despite extensive news coverage of Diebold voting machine security flaws and improbable election results since November 2002. Utah state and county election officials ignored the advice of Utah computer scientists and did not consult with any qualified experts when they pushed through the purchase of the most flawed voting system available in America. U.S. counties need county clerks who will stand up for integrity in government and our right to "One person, One vote". We have fundamentally flawed election systems that are not routinely subjected to routine independent audits and furthermore many county and state election officials hide the evidence of vote miscounts by aggregating vote counts when reporting election results; and withholding election records from the public.

In a quote attributed to Joseph Stalin, "The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything." I humbly --and wholeheartedly --disagree". Your vote must be counted!

I have written many papers on election integrity, including more recent papers here; and put my name and reputation on the line for several years. I have spoken to the press, Secretaries of State, State Election Directors, Utah Representatives and even members of the U.S. Congress. We will need your help to achieve honest elections in our county and in America. Please speak to your county commissioners, city council members, state legislators, and US senators and representatives.

Utah uses the most flawed voting equipment available in the U.S. Diebold TSx is an election tamperer's dream machine. Please share your life energy to the cause of democracy to protect the future of our civilization and our planet.

"Kathy Dopp"- P.O. Box 680192 - Park City, UT 84068 or online.

by Kathy Dopp - Please check out ElectionArchive.org