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  • Published How Can We Ensure the Accuracy of Vote Counts?
  • Interviewed on radio stations including Air America, KPCW, KCPW, KRCL, KUED, and other stations in California, Ohio, and elsewhere
  • Provided information to Newspapers including Park Record, City Weekly, Deseret News, Salt Lake Tribune, New York Times, Washington Post, and others
  • Provided Testimony to Utah Election Office, Utah State Legislature, Summit County Commission, Park City Council, U.S. Election Assistance Commission, and Houston Election Reform Hearing (Houston, TX)
  • Speaker at Election Reform Meetings and Conferences in New York, Colorado, Pennsylvannia, Tennessee (April 8-10 2005)and California
  • Attended Summer National Election Directors Association Conference and Winter National Association of Secretaries of State Conference. These are the state-level election officials in America.
  • Led collaborative scientific papers on the risks of electronic touchscreen voting and designs for better voting systems with over a dozen PhD computer scientists, including Utah computer scientists at Bringham Young University and University of Utah. These are available on
  • Attended meetings of the Utah voting equipment selection committee, Utah Mock Election, and public hearings on voting equipment selection held by Lt. Governor Gary Herbert and prior Utah election director Amy Naccarato
  • Led collaborative scientific papers with about a dozen PhD mathematicians and statisticians on 2004 exit poll data and the highly improbable vote count patterns in America.
  • Organized a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the National Election Data Archive whose mission is to investigate the accuracy of US election results using mathematical and statistical methods; and make recommendations for ensuring vote count accuracy.
  • Mathematically proved that the Ohio exit poll analysis of the Election Science Institute and Warren Mitofsky, owner of the exit polling firm were incorrect.
  • Developed new algebraic methods of analyzing detailed exit poll data to determine whether exit poll data is more consistent with vote miscounts or exit poll response rate differences.
  • Wrote a brief history of the 2004 Presidential Election which concisely describes the overwhelming evidence of U.S. vote tampering.
  • Lobbied for voter verified paper ballots with VerifiedVoting.org in Washington DC in 2004
  • Created the activist group Utah Count Votes along with its web site http://utahcountvotes.org in July 2004 and organized the Utah "Computer Ate My Vote" day
  • Designed, with other volunteers, a database and document archival system to publicly monitor the accuracy and integrity of U.S. election results.
  • Created email lists and public forums for volunteers in every state to coordinate and share information with respect to election integrity.
  • Wrote a proposal for conducting independent audits of Utah election results. This proposal was killed by current election officials in Utah. This is why it is imperative to get good county clerks who support measures to ensure vote count accuracy.
  • Created Advice for Election Officials on How to Ensure Vote Count Accuracy and mailed and gave them to U.S. state election directors
Paid for by Kathy Dopp for County Clerk