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Kathy Dopp was born in Ridgewood, New Jersey in 1951 and grew up in Maplewood, NJ. As the oldest child of a Marine who fought in the Korean war, Kathy was instilled with the values of honesty, integrity, hard work, and loyalty. Values instilled in her youth taught her to fight against wrong and protect others. As an 11 year old Kathy rescued a girl from drowning.

In highschool, Kathy scored in the top 2% on the SATs and eventually graduated Cum Laude from the University of Utah in mathematics education. Kathy later obtained a Masters in Science degree in mathematics from the University of Utah and was elected to Pi Mu Epsilon inrecognition of superior achievement in the field of mathematics.

As a single parent, Kathy Dopp put herself through school and obtained a graduate degree in mathematics while raising a son by herself who became an Air Force Academy Graduate and is currently a Captain and trains other pilots in the Air Force. This required her to juggle work, motherhood and studies.

Kathy Dopp (President) - founder and operator of a pioneering Internet Service Provider (1994-2001) in Park City UT; an amateur architect who designed and drafted her own passive solar home and planted over a hundred trees and bushes; former mathematics teacher, ski instructor and actuary, with an MS in mathematics with emphasis in Computer Science from the University of Utah.

Kathy studied computer science, has written a half dozen or more collaborative papers with PhD computer scientists and has a good understanding of how easy it is to use the Diebold touchscreens to rig elections.

In March of 2003, Kathy was first introduced to the evidence of election tampering when source code from Diebold voting machines was discovered by Bev Harris of BlackBoxVoting on the Internet. Highly improbable election results well outside of the margin of error of any polls, occurred in the Georgia November 2002 election, immediately after implementing paperless unauditable Diebold voting machines. Kathy believes that routine measures to ensure that every vote is accurately counted should be taken in every election. Kathy expected that Sue Follet would share those values. She does not.

As she listened to the other speakers at election reform conferences in Nashville, Houston, and Berkeley; and examined the mathematical data from recent elections with mathematicians and statisticians, Kathy quickly discovered that election results are corrupted and that unethical persons are secretly counting our votes all over America, without any independent checks on the counts. Here in Utah, dishonest Diebold lobbyists convinced Utah election officials to purchase their voting machines, depite the copious evidence of vote fraud and impossible election results committed on Diebolds.

Elections can be invisibly rigged with Utahs current vote-counting system. Utahns do not want touchscreen voting machines to be used to “control the vote in Utah.”

Since early 2003 Kathy has tried to expose the corruption and problems with vote count integrity that she has discovered and has created two web sites, UtahCountVotes.org and National Election Data Archive to help repair U.S. democracy. After working for two years as a full-time volunteer to expose the suspicious activity, Kathy has felt forced to run for the county clerk position herself to ensure that Summit County election results are a true reflection of what voters want.

All honest citizens should be concerned about removing politicians such as Sue Follet who believe in invisible easily-tampered with electronic ballots and election systems which give insiders complete freedom to tamper with vote counts. Democrats, Republicans, Greens, and Independents that are concerned with the future of our country and the safety of its citizens need to band together to remove candidates like Sue Follet from office. This is why Kathy is running for public office.

Kathy Dopp Promises the People of Summit County:

  • Your vote will count exactly the way you want it to

  • I will not accept “questionable donations”

  • Any errors or problems in Summit County vote counts will be detected and widely publicized so that everyone is aware of them

  • Correctly elected candidates, that you select, will take office in Summit County

  • I will publicly release the detailed vote count data that will reveal any problems with our vote counts, not hide the evidence of vote fraud in the way election results are released like the Summit County Clerk does

  • I will return honesty and integrity to elections in Summit County, Utah.

  • Money will be spent conservatively and effectively to save taxpayer dollars

Do not reward corruption and dishonesty. Elect Kathy Dopp

Paid for by Kathy Dopp for County Clerk